We are situated in an area of beautiful countryside that is full of wonderful views and wildlife and are striving to be as environmentally friendly as we can and we would like to encourage our guests to be the same and think about their carbon foot prints whilst staying with us.

All our light fittings are low energy fittings and we provide recycling bins to use. If while staying here you could remember to switch lights off when not needed and not put bottles, can or papers into the main bin that would be fantastic.

The rain water from the cabins is directed into a small wildlife pond which we are hoping to develop more and encourage the frogs and newts back.

We are also going to start a scheme where guests can donate £10 towards planting a native tree on the farm land or putting up an owl box or bat box if they wish to offset any carbon footprint they may have left by driving to us or using the Jacuzzi bath. If you would like to donate please come and see us at the house or you can add as an extra when booking online.

We would like to encourage any thoughts or comments from our guests about these issues.